Custom Swimming Pools

For a uniquely designed custom swimming pool, Future Pools in Perth, Western Australia are the company to contact. Owners Sam and Simone Perkins and their professional team can help you design and then build your dream concrete pool in any size, shape and location. Their reputation is built on providing a solution to even the most challenging project.

The ultimate benefit for installing a pool is the added value it gives to your property as well as the hours of endless pleasure that your family will enjoy. Apart from the design of your pool, there are many factors to take into account when considering the location of your pool:

Vegetation – are there trees close to the proposed pool area which will shed leaves and insects into the pool?

Sun – does the sun reach the pool area or is it obstructed by nearby buildings?

Wind – is your proposed site a windy area and will a windbreak be necessary?

Shade – is the proposed pool area in the shade and will you have to consider pool heating?

Location – can the pool be easily seen and supervised from the living areas of your house?

These factors plus many more will be discussed with you in the consultation phase of your custom swimming pool project.

Building your pool with Future Pools, a reputable swimming pool company will not only give you the correct answers to choose the location of your pool but will help you turn your dream into reality.