Future Pools Design Your Own

A Brief Summary of How Our Pool Building Process Can Help You Build Your Dream Pool

On an enquiry from you, our design team will meet you on site to view the location and discuss your pool ideas and requirements. We will discuss with you what uses you can foresee for your pool and answer any questions you may have in regard to any matter at all involving your new pool.

Some of the reasons people build their pool are:
  • Leisure
  • Entertainment
  • Relaxation
  • Fitness
  • A combination of many of these
Our pools can be built up against fence lines, houses, alfresco areas, all customized to your surrounds. Some of the types of pools you may consider are:
  • Infinity Edged Pool for that elegant modern look
  • Plunge Pool
  • Spa attached to Pool
You may want to add a combination of some of these special features Future Pools can build in for you:
  • Wet Deck
  • Fully Tiled Pool
  • Mosaic Tiling
  • New Design Concepts
  • Water features – fountains, waterwalls etc.
  • Ponds
  • Spa separate to pool
One Of Our Unique Pools Will Add Massive Value To Your Home

After discussion with you about your thoughts and ideas for your pool, our design team then goes to work. We design a pool incorporating the features you want, prepare detailed plans and submit them to you for approval or alteration.

Once you are satisfied with your design the plans are submitted to local authorities for approval – Water Authority and Local Government.

On full approval from the local authorities, excavation of your site is started. The hole for your pool is excavated and shell of the pool is formed into shape. We reinforce the pool with steel for maximum durability and safety.

Once all formwork and steel design is completed; concrete is poured and all pool filtration pipework is then installed. The pool is then backfilled and site is cleared and levelled.

Pool tiling, headers, water features and pool filtration equipment are then installed prior to final stage the internal render.

The internal render finish is then applied and then water filling is started.

Once filled, our pool care technician will hand over your pool to you, the customer. At handover, we explain balancing the water with chemicals, cleaning your pool and general maintenance and care for your pool and filtration equipment.

We use the very latest pool care and maintenance equipment making caring for your pool a breeze. Many clients take advantage of our experienced pool serviceman for regular pool care and maintenance as an ongoing service.

If you wish to experience for yourself our services please call us on (08) 9493 0083