Fully Tiled Pools Perth

In days gone by there were virtually little or no choices when you were having a custom concrete pool installed. Technology allowed for a mould and framework to be built and then concrete poured. The concrete was then smoothed over and in most cases, painted.

Times have changed, along with changing times comes better technology. Concrete pools now are manufactured completely different. The holes are dug to the shape and size of the client's specifications and reinforcement is skillfully placed.

Concrete is now sprayed onto the walls and base of the pool covering the reinforcing. After spraying, the concrete is then troweled to give a smooth finish. There is now a choice of finishes that can be applied.

Sam and Simone Perkins from Future Pools say that a most popular finish is a fully tiled pool. Perth pool owners like the look and feel of fully tiled pools as they have a complete choice of colors, size and patterns of the tiles laid.

Future Pools enjoy a well earned reputation as the leaders in the design and manufacture of unique, quality fully tiled pools in Perth. Their expertise extends to all shapes and sizes of pools and they are in constant demand from Architects, designers and renovators for their services.