Lap Pools Perth

Owning a swimming pool and spa has become one of life's affordable luxuries. Installing a pool or spa involves using a number of specialised trades and techniques which need to be perfectly co-ordinated. Future Pools owners Sam & Simone Perkins have a wealth of knowledge and experience in designing and constructing unique concrete pools.

Sam and his specialised team can help you design and then build your dream concrete pool in any size, shape or location. Their ability to provide a solution to even the most difficult project is what their reputation is built on.

These days with blocks of land becoming smaller and a lack of outdoor space, installing a swimming pool can cause problems. Ways to overcome these issues are firstly you can opt for a smaller pool which require less room yet still provides the entertaining benefits of a pool. Secondly the problem can be solved by installing a lap pool. Perth based Future Pools can help you build and design a concrete pool to suite your needs and requirements.

We are becoming a more health conscious nation and a pool or spa can fit our needs perfectly. A spa has been shown to have therapeutic benefits even from hundreds of years ago. Swimming a few laps on a regular basis will also keep you fit and healthy in your own lap pool. Perth with its beautiful weather allows you to swim in an unheated pool for four months however with solar heating you can use your pool for up to eight months. The ultimate of course is gas heating which allows you to swim all year round.

Sam and his experienced team at Future Pools can best advise you on pool heating as well as help you build and design a unique and stunning swimming pool to fit your lifestyle, location and budget.