Swimming Pools Perth

Award winners Future Pools specialise in building concrete pools which offer you the flexibility of infinite design possibilities. Owners Sam and Simone Perkins and their specialised team can design and construct a custom built pool for any location no matter how complex your site. Perth has an ideal climate where pool ownership is popular and you can enjoy your pool for most of the year.

We all know the experience and pleasure after a long hot day, diving into a refreshing cool pool. Imagine the beauty and convenience of a Future Pool individually designed and built in your own backyard.

The single biggest advantage of building a concrete pool today is the vast range of design possibilities. Rather than be limited by a set of standard fibreglass pools shapes, concrete pools can be constructed in any shape and to any depth and are designed to fit your property and complement the architecture of your house or building project.

Pools can also be a big source of frustration and expense if they are not taken care of properly. Cloudy water and algae are sure signs that your pool needs a maintenance check. With regular pool care and advice from Future Pools, maintenance shouldn't be time consuming, expensive or difficult.

Sam can also advise you on the effective and efficient methods of heating to ensure that you can swim all year round in your beautiful designed swimming pool. Perth Future Pools, SPASA award winners in 2005, 2006, 2007, and HIA and MBA members are well reputed in Western Australia and can design a swimming pool to fit your lifestyle, location and budget.